ClarityTM Office Automation

Your company-wide print stats in one platform.

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Achieve powerful companywide visibility and insights into your office automation costs and consumption. All print providers, all machines, all users in a single web-based software platform. Now that’s CLARITY.

ClarityTM effortlessly ingests your print provider invoices, consumption records [where applicable] and your company metadata to provide you with a single view across all print costs, services and assets.

Clarity’sTM Print Expense Management Module provides tools to help you better manage companywide printing.

ClarityTM delivers useful insights and reporting across your entire print landscape. A single view of all costs and consumption by: device; user and business entity, provides the ability to allocate and recover all print costs with ease. Now that’s CLARITY.


Platform Peace of Mind

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The Power of Knowing

All mobile, telecom and IoT spend, services and assets across all providers, all business users and all locations in a single platform.